NetZero, a subsidiary of United Online, is a nationwide internet service provider offering a variety of internet service options for dial-up, DSL, Wi-Fi, and mobile broadband internet in North America for affordable prices. Its product and service portfolio includes NetZero Mobile Broadband, which provides secure, mobile, internet access for user laptops, iPads, netbooks or tablets and is available to over 200 million people in the U.S.; NetZero Mobile Broadband, an affordable internet dial-up service; NetZero HiSpeed Internet, which offers accelerated dial up internet access, with web surfing up to five times faster than conventional dial up; NetZero Video Mail, a safe way to send personalized video messages; NetZero Free ISP, which offers ad-supported free internet dial-up access, including webmail, for up to 10 hours per month; and NetZero device. NetZero was launched in October 1998 by Ronald T. Burr, Stacy Haitsuka, Marwan Zebian, and Harold MacKenzie as the first national free internet service provider platform.





Acquired by United Online

CEO, NetZero

President, NetZero